About Swissflex®

Swissflex®, another skincare innovation by Swissforce Pharma, is a vegan sport and body care brand that is created for muscle and joint care. Using dermocosmetic science and curated natural ingredients, Swissflex® helps relieve and protect the muscles and joints, prevents further collagen degradations and improves mobility and sports performance. Monteceuticals® proudly became the UK Exclusive Distributor of Swissflex® in 2021.

Our sport & body care promise

After only 7 days of using Swissflex® Joint Massage Cream, 70% of the patients saw an improvement in joint mobility and 30% observe a reduction in the intensity of pain. With its soothing properties, massaging the cream into the skin creates an instant cooling effect, followed by a warming sensation marking a significant increase in circulation.

The concentrated Swissflex® Muscle Warming Balm with CBD, chili extract and selected essential oils help to soothe muscle stiffness and vitalize the body before and after sports.

Before and after sports, use our plant-based Swissflex® Anti Friction Cream to reduce chafing and irritations caused by the friction of skin-on-skin and skin-on-fabric. The cream is water and sweat-resistant.

100% Vegan

Swissflex®’s vegan sport & body care line has tried & tested formulas focusing on synergetic effects from botanical extracts.

All Swissflex® products are manufactured in Switzerland to ISO 9001 quality standards and are clinically tested. Also, they are cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, scientifically proven, endorsed and recommended by dermatologists.

Swiss-made quality

When a product is labeled as “Swiss-made”, you know you can expect the best. It’s not just about the place where something is produced, but also a guarantee of reliability, quality control, and experience. Switzerland is known for its chocolate, watches, and army knives among other things, but there’s another field in which the country excels: sport and body care.

Enjoy sports with Swissflex®

From now on, use Swissflex® Sport & Body Care to take care of your body and enjoy the joy of exercise.

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