Swissflex® Sports Care, by Laboratoires Monteceuticals, launches in UK

5 November 2021

Swissflex® Sports Care, by Laboratoires Monteceuticals, a swiss-made brand already present in 17 countries around the world such as Germany, Singapore, New Zealand and Canada, has just launched in the UK.

“Collaborating with Swissforce Pharma, our partner laboratory in Switzerland, we are the exclusive distributor of Swissflex® for the UK. SWISSFLEX® sports care has 4 SKUs for sports professionals, fitness enthusiasts and those looking for improvement in mobility, relief from muscle pain and naturally effective body care without the nasty chemicals.” Josh Sim, Founder of Laboratoires Monteceuticals.

The entire Swissflex® range is formulated with natural ingredients and the Massage Cream for joints contains anti-inflammatory soothing Arnica, Marine Algae Extract, Butcher’s Broom and Essential Oils, whilst organic and circulation stimulating CBD and Chili Extract can be found in the Warming Balm for muscles. Both these products work to support the body’s mobility in context of sports and daily activities.

The Deo Roll (free from Aluminium and Alcohol) reduces odour-causing bacteria whilst soothing irritation and moisturising the skin, with a unique combination of European beech extract and panthenol. The Anti Friction Cream reduces chaffing and irritation with shea butter, lemon balm and lavender, and is sweat and water resistant. All the products in the range are cruelty-free and vegan.

Swissflex® Massage Cream has been tested under rheumatologist control on 20 patients presenting hand arthritis, without joint deformity and presence of hand pain. After only 7 days of use, 70% of the patients saw an improvement in joint mobility and 30% observed a reduction in the intensity of pain. After 28 days of use, 80% of patients saw an improvement.
All the patients found Swissflex® Massage Cream pleasant to apply and would recommend it to other people suffering from similar ailments. 90% of the subjects would like to continue to use the cream and 90% would like to buy it.

“I work as a Physiotherapist and have experienced the benefits of using Swissflex® to treat my clients, and I also recommend for home-case use, in between Physio treatments. I used Swissflex® products when working at the London Marathon 2021 and several athletes commented on how effective they found them.” Michelle – Physiotherapist

“After using all of the Swissflex creams thoroughly during training, racing and recovery, I found that the products served their purpose perfectly. The warming balm, joint cream and anti friction creams were perfect for me. I struggled with pain after exercise and training in my joints and muscles but using the creams I found the recovery time was quicker and the overall level of pain was reduced as well. I will definitely be continuing to use these creams at world championship level.” Indy Offer, International Motorcycle Racer

“We are thrilled to be working with both Indy offer (International Motorcycle Racer) and Michelle Harford (Physiotherapist) who endorse our products, specifically the Anti-Friction Cream, the Warming Balm and Massage Cream. Clinically they will be contributing to our sports care research and development and we hope to firmly establish these quality and affordable products in the UK market, making them accessible to the mainstream.” Rosalie Nicholson, Chief Marketing Officer of Laboratoires Monteceuticals.

Laboratoires Monteceuticals is a manufacturer and purveyor of high quality nature-inspired sports & skin care products (Swissflex® and Swissforce®), backed by a team of biochemists and dermatologists. With a strong emphasis on research and development and steered by innovation and excellence, Laboratoires Monteceuticals creates and distributes
highly-effective state of the art formulas with quality ingredients and cutting edge technology for niche demand within the beauty, healthcare, spa and aesthetics industries.