Laboratoires Monteceuticals launches in UK

9 September 2021

Laboratoires Monteceuticals, founded by Josh Sim, launches in UK and Ireland, backed by a team of avant-garde skin experts dedicated to advancing dermocosmetic science. With a strong emphasis on research and development and steered by innovation and excellence, Laboratoires Monteceuticals aspires to revolutionise skincare by creating state of the art formulas with natural quality ingredients and cutting-edge technology.

Laboratoires Monteceuticals curates and distributes highly-effective skincare products for niche demand within the beauty, healthcare, spa and aesthetics industries with a multidisciplinary team of scientists, dermatologists and biochemists pursuing efficacy in addressing complex needs of every skin type

“Collaborating with Swissforce Pharma (Swissforce®), our partner laboratory in Switzerland, we are the exclusive distributor of all brands and products manufactured by Swissforce® for the UK and Ireland. Swissforce® skincare has 9 SKUs which addresses wrinkles, redness, hyperpigmentation and thread veins conditions. Swissflex® is a sports care brand aiming at relieving muscle ache/joint pain and coming soon is a newly-formulated, market disrupting prebiotic baby skincare products launching in February 2022.” Josh Sim, Founder of Laboratoires Monteceuticals.

“The global market for natural cosmetics has seen consistent growth over the last ten years, and is set to continue to soar in the next decade1 , due to increased awareness about ingredients and the environment. Swissflex® sports care products are vegan and 98% natural, and Swissforce® skincare contains unique natural ingredients which have proven to be effective in addressing specific skin concerns. We are excited to bring them to the UK to fill the gaps in the market and niche demand, whilst we work behind the scenes preparing to launch our very own anti-imperfection and anti-aging lines next year. All our products are cruelty-free as we are committed to ensuring the safety and efficacy of our products without testing on animals.” Rosalie Nicholson, Chief Marketing Officer.

Dr Flor Kent, Clinical Director says “I’m thrilled to be on board with Laboratoires Monteceuticals. We collaborate with our partner laboratories in improving existing formulas, backed by clinical papers and case studies. The botanical ingredients we use are of the highest quality, naturally sourced for specialised and results driven skincare, dermatologically-tested, at affordable prices”

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